Our Quality Policy

Custom Cartons, comitted to quality

As part of the Gerard Corporation, Custom Cartons provides all manner of cartons, plain & printed for appropriate Australian markets. The objective of the Quality System is to apply Quality Assurance as part of a continuous improvement programme, resulting in minimising non-conformance of any nature, meeting our customers expectations, as well as maintaining our reputation as a leading carton provider.

The Quality Management System is based on the requirements of the Australian / New Zealand International Standard AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008

Custom Cartons is committed to:

  • Design, development and manufacture of products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectation of quality, security, performance and appearance.
  • Interpret and fulfil our customers needs and expectations.
  • To increase competitive advantage in the marketplace by increasing efficiencies and reducing waste.
  • Continuous improvement and employee involvement
  • Provide training to achieve competencies and continuous improvement.
  • Ensuring the availability of efficient resources, in order to allow the company to provide and maintain effective supply and service to our customers to meet their delivery, application and reliability needs
  • Responding to feedback received from our customers to maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction.
  • Fulfil all applicable legal and regulatory requirements

This policy is reviewed yearly by Management in consultation with employees and the relevant Quality Representatives.



Quality Assurance

Custom Cartons service is based on best practice

Custom Cartons has documented quality procedures in place for the production of packaging and corrugated cartons. A quality assurance controller oversees adherence to these procedures.

The quality assurance controller has a responsibility to train operatives and measure performance. Checks are made against the specification, and results are monitored, samples taken and filed for cross reference—in accordance with Custom Cartons' quality procedures.

External audit conducted by BSI, completed successfully in November 2014 with no non conformance’s reported.

Custom Cartons sets its own KPIs for service based on best practice.
Standard KPIs include:

  •     On-time delivery
  •     Customer satisfaction surveys
  •     Measurement of cost downtime
  •     Production output versus plan
  •     Wastage versus plan
  •     Scheduled equipment maintenance and calibration



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