Our Environmental Policy

Avoid risks to the environment

Custom Cartons has a strong commitment to maintaining the integrity of the environment and will, at every opportunity, recommend environmentally sound strategies for all facets of the business. This includes minimising pollution and impact on air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans, and the respective interrelationships that exist.

It is the firm policy of Custom Cartons, that all work activities will be undertaken with all reasonable practicable measures, and in accordance with governing environmental legislation, client requirements, and regulations to avoid risks to the environment.

The management of Custom Cartons are responsible for implementing this policy throughout, and Custom Cartons will, so far as practicable, ensure environmental considerations be given priority in planning and the day to day operations.

To ensure environmental considerations be given priority, management of Custom Cartons will ensure the proper handling and disposal of waste and hazardous materials and allocate adequate resources to achieve the Company’s environmental goals.

All employees and other authorised personnel on company premises will be required to co-operate and assist with Custom Cartons in carrying out this policy.

Custom Cartons will continue to maintain a pro-active role in the continuous improvement of environmentally responsive matters through research activities of industry best practice developments.


Commitment to sustainability at every level

In keeping with our environmental processes, Custom Cartons has established strong relationships with accredited suppliers who have developed production processes that meet stringent certification standards. In line with Quality Assurance compliance, Custom Cartons ensures that providers of material on behalf of our clients follow stringent Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) practices.

It is in the interests of all parties to adhere to accepted methods that encourage a safe and sustainable environment, whether it is the production processes involved or the ancillary operational inputs such as storage and distribution to the end user. We have introduced a number of best practice strategic management systems that underpin our commitment to sustainability at every level of the production cycle.


  • Product design - all products are designed to meet sustainable specifications.
  • Carbon efficient - investigate the best way to reduce carbon emissions for every product and process.
  • Corporate responsibility - environmentally supportive corporate policies.


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